Broker Office Helps You Stay In Touch With All Your Prospects.

BrokerOffice Helps You Stay In Touch With All Your Prospects

On the best of days, the leads you call are ready to close right away.

Unfortunately, most prospects tend to need a little more time to make their buying decision. They may need more information to make their decision. But many also need more time to build their trust in you.

Regardless of the reason, successful health insurance agents and brokers know that keeping in continuous contact with these long-term prospects is key to helping them make a favorable buying decision. And the BrokerOffice lead management system makes it easy to keep in touch, even if you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of long-term leads:

  • Immediate access to contact data
    BrokerOffice puts all your lead contact information at your fingertips wherever and whenever you want it. As long as you can get on the Internet, you’ve got 24-hour access to all your lead data.
  • Email instantly
    With just one click from inside BrokerOffice, you can open a new email pre-addressed to your selected prospect. It’s that simple.
  • Send carrier forms, brochures and custom proposals
    When combined with the powerful Norvax Quote Engine, you can use BrokerOffice to prepare and deliver custom proposals with the most current pricing to each prospect. You can also tap into the document library of pre-published carrier forms and brochures.
  • Schedule appointments and tasks
    To make sure you keep connected, BrokerOffice comes with a handy appointment scheduler right on the dashboard. Use it to set future phone calls, meetings, email messages or other tasks. BrokerOffice will then give you a quick reminder when it’s time to once again reach out to a prospect.

When it is time to contact a prospect, the BrokerOffice notes and status reporting features can quickly review the progress you’ve made to date with each prospect.

The BrokerOffice toolbox is the most complete lead management system in the health insurance market. See for yourself how it can dramatically improve the way you do business by taking a free no-obligation demo today.