A Client Service Team Dedicated To Helping You Succeed.

A Client Service Team Dedicated To Helping You Succeed

You’re never alone when you have BrokerOffice lead management system on your side.

Our client service and tech team are dedicated to helping you take advantage of all the powerful features and resources included in your BrokerOffice toolbox. You can count on experienced, courteous and professional help at every step:

  • Start-up
    When you first sign up for BrokerOffice or any component in the Norvax suite of sales automation and web marketing tools, a helpful client service representative will help you set up your tool and get started immediately.
  • Live product training
    Visit our training calendar and sign up for one of our training sessions held almost every day of the week. Agents who receive product training from Norvax experience higher adoption rates and increased sales pipelines. We recommend every agent who utilizes our technology attend these trainings.
  • Troubleshooting
    Create a support ticket or call us when you run into a problem. Our technicians pride themselves in fixing all technical problems right away.
  • Upgrades
    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your BrokerOffice skills or your Norvax suite of tools, our friendly client service reps are there to answer your questions and help you with the next steps.

With the BrokerOffice lead management system, you get more than the most powerful lead management system in the health insurance industry. You also get a client service team committed to helping you succeed.

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