Empower Your Sales Planning With The Broker Office Lead Management System.

Empower Your Sales Planning With The BrokerOffice Lead Management System

Businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. The same can be said for the sales approach used by some health insurance agents.

Without proper planning and lead management, many agents let otherwise solid prospects slip through the cracks — and buy their health insurance from someone else.

BrokerOffice is designed to help you maximize your lead conversions and sales by making it easy to stay on top of your leads and execute a well-planned selling strategy for each prospect in your pipeline. Its powerful lead management features will help put you in the right position when your prospect is finally ready to buy:

  • Scheduling and tracking
    The handy appointment scheduler allows you to schedule future calls, emails and other events. By tracking each lead’s status and attaching your notes to each lead file, you’ll be ready when your next appointment comes. And here’s a tip to consider for all your closed leads (whether or not they bought from you), schedule an appointment for 10 months after they closed. That’s when their current policy will be up for renewal … and they may need to look at new options.
  • Reports
    BrokerOffice provides built-in real-time reports that can give you a detailed overview of your lead expenditures and ROIs. Use this to readjust your lead budget for maximum effectiveness.
  • Emergency planning
    What happens if your office is disrupted by a natural disaster or technical glitch? Will your sales team have to shut down? Because your BrokerOffice lead management system is securely online, your sales team can recover that much faster. As long as you have a laptop and a cell phone, you can go anywhere with Internet access and immediately retrieve all your lead data — and even start handling new prospects right away.

See how BrokerOffice can empower your sales planning and productivity by taking a free no-obligation demo today.