See An Immediate Productivity Boost With The Broker Office Lead Management System.

See An Immediate Productivity Boost With The BrokerOffice Lead Management System

Here’s an all-too-common dilemma for many growing agencies.

You get to a point where you’re handling so many new prospects that you’re looking to hire an administrative assistant just to handle your lead files. Of course, that means increasing your payroll and cutting into your profits.

Many top producers, however, are able to avoid or at least put off this problem by turning to the BrokerOffice lead management system. It’s like having a 24-hour administrative assistant … without the cost or hassles:

  • Automated lead input
    BrokerOffice automatically inputs leads from different 3rd-party providers, so you can avoid having to manually enter lead data for each new prospect.
  • Contact information
    Need contact information for a lead file? BrokerOffice makes it all available 24 hours a day. You can even send emails, detailed proposals and carrier forms directly from within the BrokerOffice dashboard.
  • Reports
    Feed your eagles! That’s a long-established sales mantra. That also applies to your lead sources. With BrokerOffice real-time reports, you can quickly see which lead providers deliver better close ratios and ROIs … so you can make valuable adjustments to your marketing budget right away.
  • Mobility
    Because BrokerOffice is online, you’re no longer tied to your office desk. As long as you’ve got Internet access and a cell phone, you can manage your leads and handle your sales pipeline wherever you are.

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