A Lead Management System Designed To Help You Improve Your ROI.

BrokerOffice – A Lead Management System Designed To Help You Improve Your ROI

Are you getting the most out of your lead budget and health insurance lead providers?

If you’ve dealt with leads for any amount of time, you know that not all lead sources are the same. And if you’re not analyzing and comparing the ROIs you’re generating from your leads, chances are you’re wasting a lot of money on under-performing leads.

With the BrokerOffice lead management system, you’ll have powerful but easy-to-use tools to quickly determine what ROIs your different lead sources are delivering. This information can help you realize substantial savings — and increased profits.

For example, let’s say you’re currently splitting your $1,000/month lead budget between two lead providers:

Provider A
Provider B
Cost $500 $500
Leads 50 40
Cost per lead $10/lead $12.50
Closings 2 4
Close ratio 4% 10%

If all you cared about was the quantity of leads you can get for your money, then lead provider A may seem like the best choice. With its $50-per-lead price, its leads are 20% cheaper than lead provider B.

But when you compare the two lead providers according to their close ratios, you see that lead provider B actually has much a 150% higher close ratio.

To get the most out of your budget in this scenario, you should put more (if not all) of your lead budget with lead provider B. Yes, you get fewer leads. But you’re return on investment is actually much, much higher.

BrokerOffice makes it easy to analyze and compare lead sources. With one mouse click, you can get real-time reports on average cost per sale and close ratios for all your lead sources.

The BrokerOffice lead management system can help you find ways to eliminate waste and increase ROIs. Learn more by taking a free no-obligation demo today.