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Fine Tune Your Sales Strategies With Real-Time Reports

Timely sales reports can help you spot crucial trends and problem areas early. But creating reports can strike fear in a lot of people… especially when they’re necessary to get a handle on your lead conversion and sales.

You won’t have any such fears if you have BrokerOffice in your toolbox. Our built-in reporting tools allow you to generate real-time sales reports in seconds. You can then use these reports to prioritize your time and budget:

  • Sales by lead source
    Not all lead providers are the same, and lead quality is an important factor for building a successful sales pipeline. BrokerOffice can help you compare your lead providers to see which ones are delivering more sales and higher returns on investment (ROIs).
  • Cost per sale report
    This report compares your lead sources according to what really counts for many agents. You can use this report to compare lead providers according to their average cost per submitted application.
  • Billing summary
    Get a detailed summary of all charges and credits to your account.
  • Leads distributed
    Get a detailed listing of all leads distributed through your system for any period you define. You can then click on any lead listed to get more detailed information for that lead, communicate with that prospect, insert a note or schedule a future task.

Combined with other BrokerOffice tools, these reports can help you get more out of your leads and lead providers. Find out how the BrokerOffice lead management system can help increase your productivity and ROI by taking a free no-obligation demo today.