Staying On Top Of Every Prospect In Your Pipeline Has Never Been Easier.

Staying On Top Of Every Prospect In Your Pipeline Has Never Been Easier

Most sales leads require multiple “touches” before they’re finally ready to close.

That’s an established principle of successful marketing, especially when you’re dealing with prospects who aren’t ready to close with your first phone call. But as your pipeline grows, keeping on top of dozens (or hundreds) of unclosed leads can be a problem — unless you have the BrokerOffice lead management system.

BrokerOffice is the preferred customer relationship management tool for top health insurance producers, because it provides all the tools you need to more easily keep on top of and connected with your prospects:

  • Track touches
    BrokerOffice can help you track every email, phone, fax or regular mail contact you have with your prospect. And the appointment scheduler can help you makes sure that your genuine prospects are never lost through lack of attention.
  • Reports
    Get a detailed breakdown of the status of all your leads so you know which are ready to close and which need more time.
  • Measure ROI
    Use BrokerOffice’s tracking feature to compare the ROIs of your different lead sources, so you can better allocate your lead budget toward the best-performing leads.

If you can’t or don’t stay on top of your leads, you may be losing out on potential closings as you let genuine prospects slip through the cracks.

BrokerOffice’s automated lead tracking system helps you keep connected, so you can improve your chances of being there when your prospect is ready to buy.

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